Welcome to therapy resources.


This website intends to provide a number of resources for anyone in therapy, within New Zealand, to access. Please click on the menu tabs to explore the site. 

I hope you find this site useful. We will update the site regularly as it is currently under development.

If you are in need of urgent assistance and live in Dunedin please call EPS (Emergency Psychiatric Services) on 03 474 0999 or 0800 46 78 46. For all other areas please click here.




A list of practical exercises and handouts to assist you in a number of helpful ways. These include breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.



Useful factsheets on a number of difficulties, including stress, anxiety, exam stress and may more.


audio support

A number of podcasts to help mange a number of situations, such as panic attacks and some useful mindfulness techniques.



A great list of TED talks and other videos to help with a range of areas in mental health and well-being.  



Some great mental health and well-being apps to  try.



Some really useful links to other helpful sites.


phone support

Some great options of services you can call to discuss your situation.


find help

A list of options of where to find help.



Some great workbooks from the Centre of Clinical Interventions.